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Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, so each of us has a unique voice.  It not only announces who we are, it communicates the nature and contour of our soul.  In the voice we hear the outlines of dreams and the echos of survived scars.  There is much in our world that seeks to homogenize our lives and flatten our voices.  We find ourselves lowering our voice or trying to imitate others in an attempt to hide ourselves or just quietly blend in.

In voice lessons there are exercises that seem like just an act of warming up.  But in reality these initial exercises are an attempt to reanimate that expressive part of ourselves.  How far will this psyche stretch, how deep, how high are the basic questions and functions of these exercises.   Of course there can be moments of awkward self-consciousness as one allows themselves the freedom to expand beyond personal restrictions.  Self doubts constrict, but hope and vision allow for the audacity to make a loud and joyful utterance that is the beginning of a new order of self-expression.  Without judgement, a new self begins to emerge that beckons us onward as we begin to try to focus and refine this newfound freedom.

As the ABCs of the notes and rhythm become more familiar, we begin to encounter the musical genius of the ages as we, soar with an operatic aria of love or explore the depths with a heartfelt torch song.  We not only learn the notes, we apply our unique voice to these creations as we bring them to life with our life.  We participate in an act of creative participation.  Whether anyone hears us or not, we know we have engaged in an act of creation and beauty that nurtures our psyche and expands our sense of self. 

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